wheat stalksI contribute stories to several Penn State magazines, including Research Penn StatePenn State Ag Science, and Engineering Penn State. I also write news releases featured on news.psu.edu. Read samples of my work by clicking on the titles below.

If you need an accomplished science writer with the ability to interview researchers and scientists–communicating their complex work in clear and easily understood language for the general public–contact me.

Return and get itResearch/Penn State, Fall 2019 – Penn State researchers are working with makers in a West African e-waste scrapyard, creating possibilities for innovation. In this cover story for Research/Penn State, find out what these makers are creating and how they’re drawing on knowledge of the past to move forward.

Worlds awayResearch/Penn State, Spring 2019 – Is the existence of Earth just a great coincidence, or are there other planets out there like us? Meet three Penn State astrophysicists and learn about their search for Earth-like planets outside our solar system.

Catching carbon – Penn State News, November 2018 – Penn State researchers are working on methods to catch, store, and use carbon dioxide instead of sending it into the atmosphere.

Unprecedented opportunities at CIMP-3D Engineering Penn State, Spring/Summer 2015 – At Penn State’s CIMP-3D, an open-source 3D printer creates a tiny blue polymer component, layer by layer.

The time is ripe for hard ciderPenn State Ag Science, Spring/Summer 2015 – Penn State Extension experts say the market is wide open for enterprising apple growers or ag entrepreneurs looking to expand into the hard cider market.

Start your enginesResearch Penn State, Fall 2014 – Full-scale facility provides a new spin on gas turbines.

In disease outbreak management, flexibility can save lives and money – Penn State News, October 2014 – A new approach for responding to and managing disease outbreaks is being proposed by a team of epidemiologists led by two Penn State University researchers. The team’s flexible approach could save many lives and millions of dollars.

Scientists at Penn State study endangered coral species’ relationship with algae – Penn State News, June 2014 – Genetics reveal that threatened reef corals and their symbiotic algae live together but evolve independently.

Nanomotors are controlled, for the first time, inside living cells – Penn State News, February 2014 – For the first time anywhere, a team of chemists and engineers at Penn State has placed tiny synthetic motors inside live human cells, propelled them with ultrasonic waves and steered them magnetically. It’s not exactly ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ but it’s close.

The Grass Keeps Getting Greener: 75 Years of Turfgrass Research and Education at Penn State – a book I wrote commemorating the 75th anniversary of Penn State’s turfgrass management program.